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The ACMS Bulldog Club is excited to partner with Ashe Crossfit to offer HuskyFit to our student athletes FREE of charge from June 1 before their 7th grade year to June 1 after their 8th grade year (at which point they’ll roll over to HuskyFit under the high school umbrella).

HuskyFit is a program developed in partnership with Ashe County High School & Ashe County Middle School to create free access for ACMS/ACHS students to Elevation Health’s Ashe Crossfit Youth program. It is their mission that no Ashe County teenager reach a ceiling of potential due to a lack of resources. Their vision is to provide access to this life-changing methodology to any youth that has the ambition to take advantage of the program.

How Do You Join?

Of course there’s some housekeeping involved, so let’s talk about that…

Before attending a class, the parent/guardian of the athlete will need to fill out a waiver for Ashe Crossfit, an agreement for the ACMS Bulldog Club, and form of payment form to keep on file (this is used if the athlete chooses to purchase a
drink or snack while at Ashe Crossfit).

Please find the links to download all of these forms below. You may print them, fill them out, sign them, and send them with your child on their first class OR you are welcome to stop by Ashe Crossfit to do this – just let them know you’re with ACMS.

The Logistics

As of right now, the ONLY* class time available for middle school athletes
is from 4:15-5:15 at Ashe Crossfit, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.

The student athlete is welcome to attend as available during their off-season(s)
and while in-season if they practice later in the day.

There is a bus that goes directly from the Middle School to Ashe Crossfit which makes it VERY convenient for kids and parents! It is bus #215 and parents will need to write a note giving permission for their child to ride the bus to Crossfit.**

If your child plans to start attending, you will need to have the waiver and payment
form submitted either by stopping by Ashe Crossfit PRIOR TO THEIR FIRST CLASS or by
sending it with your child on their first day.


+ Some Notes


Please notify Ashe Crossfit by phone call (336-646-7442 opt. 2) or by text (336-920-8331) that you would like to sign your middle schooler up for HuskyFit at Ashe CrossFit, prior to sending your child to class. These numbers can also be used to call or text with any questions you may have about the program.

*Ashe Crossfit is willing to open up a later class (think 7pm) to Middle School athletes IF there is enough interest from athletes who practice after school and cannot attend the 4:15 class. If this is you, please email us at so we can gauge interest.

**The bus arrives at Crossfit around 3:30pm so students will be there from 3:30-4:15 during a younger kid’s class UNSUPERVISED, as Ashe Crossfit does not assume responsibility for them until their class starts. By signing the waiver, you are agreeing that your child will act in a way that is representative of ACMS and you as parents, so please make sure to have that conversation with your child if you plan to let them ride the bus to Crossfit. If Crossfit feels that any child is not acting in an appropriate manner during this time, they will no longer be allowed to ride the bus to class.

Get in Touch

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Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We are here to assist you and value your feedback.